Move beyond people counting solutions

  • Our vision

    We believe in supporting the best data-driven retailers across the world with AI and IoT technologies towards building

    a seamless omnichannel consumer experience.

    Insights-driven reporting

    ​Store front and inside

    Understand your audience at the granular level.

    Predicts behaviors to drive new customers

    Find that the pattern that human eye can't see

    Analyzing millions of data points online and offline, we see how your visitors are reacting to items and digital signage to make marketing and merchandise strategy changes in-store.

    Find the right shoppers

    Online and offline

    We find audiences and customers who fit your profile, at massive scale, then you can deliver your message to them at the perfect time.


    From tracking capture rate to Optimizing Conversion Rate (CRO)


    Invest in what's working and stop wasting money

    Retailers can’t tell what touchpoints drive engagement in-store/website.


    Know more about your visitors and better target them

    Retailers can’t easily retarget store visitors.

  • product features

    Identify opportunities and maximize ROI with our comprehensive reporting.

  • Worldtrack performance reporting

    Take a look and enjoy!